The Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial hosts their weekly meeting on Wednesday mornings.
Meeting Location:
Ranchmen's Club
710 - 13th Ave S.W
Calgary, AB
Meeting Time:
Breakfast & fellowship begin at 6:45 am.
Formal meeting and speaker commence at 7:15 am.
Ranchmen's Club Dress Code Policy:
Not permitted are jeans (except during Stampede), warm-up suits, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops, apparel with slogans & commercial messages. Inappropriate attire may result in refusal of entry into the building. Hosts of private functions are required to inform all attendees of this dress code. Business casual (optional jacket & tie) is allowed in all private function rooms. Jacket (tie optional) is required for the A.E. Cross Dining Room. Outerwear including coats, hats, scarves and gloves must be left in the Lobby Cloakroom.
Ranchmen's Club Policy on Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices:
Members and guests alike are asked to mute cellphones and other electronic devices while in the Club. Cellphones may be used in the telephone rooms on each floor, which also has a telephone suitable for local calls. With the exception of the A. E. Cross Dining Room, discreet use of smartphones and tablets is allowed for text messaging, reading and emailing. Laptop computers may be used in the Business Center and private meeting rooms.