For this year's hampers and gifts, we gathered strong support from 41 individuals & families, the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial and two knitting groups.  On December 22nd, 6 two person teams were mobilized to deliver 10 hampers (5 Turkey & 5 Ham), 15 ladies' and 2 men's gift bags, 13 children's gifts and 3 pet treats to Elements CMHC client's homes throughout the city.   Three large boxes of surplus items from our gift bags and hampers were delivered to Elements CMHC office on December 15th along with 37 ladies, 50 men's gift bags and 46 Christmas cards containing grocery certificates (15 - $100 & 31 - $50 certificates) .   In the days before and after Christmas , Social Workers at Elements CMHC passed out the greeting cards with the enclosed gift certificates and a wrapped box of chocolates; the gift bags; and our projects other surplus  items to clients dearly in need of these gifts.    
 All delivery teams reported success and recipients expressed deep appreciation, sincere gratitude and some tears for the gifts they received and the effort involved in delivering their homes.